1 A “Buddy System” to help chorus members feel more confident singing in a small group, “Mini-Chorus” (8 members only).

2 Because this is a specific program, the eight members of an MC will not be considered an octet.

3 Two members, in a voice part section, will register as a “DUO”, and agree to sing a repertoire song or two, of their chaise, in a Mini Chorus. There are no limits to the number of Duos, so you may sing in as many as you wish.

4 The Duo will practise together, and have time to rehearse as an MC group, in advance of their performance.


5 When there is a sufficient number of Duos agree on a song, a chart would set up to schedule the time frame for each MC to perform. We encourage a large number of MC combinations.

A sample Schedule:

Feb. 11th - “The Miracles” singing - Ride the Chariot

Feb. 18th - “The “Breton Belchers” singing - In My Life